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Mission Statement

Our goal as The 290 Players is to overcome all challenges in strength as a theater company and, most importantly, a family. Through our shared dedication to the theater arts. To create a safe space for all members of our troupe so we can excel and grow together. And lastly, to captivate audiences regardless of who they are.


Under the guidance of our directors, McArthur Moore and Lexi DiSimone, The 290 Players are a passionate and dedicated group of theater lovers who have come together to keep the fine arts alive. We work extremely hard on each and every one of our productions, one of which we'll take to the University Interscholastic League each year to have fun competing against other high schools. With every rehearsal and performance, our bonds strengthen, creating memories and anecdotes we will tell for the rest of our lives and learning lessons we will carry with ourselves as we grow.

‚ÄčTheater is a very welcoming place for anybody from any social groups. We accept anyone who wants to join us. If you love the limelight, you can act; if you don't like the attention so much, you can become a tech member. As a technician you can work on the lighting or audio console. If you have an eye for fashion, you can join costume design or be a makeup artist for our shows. And if you find none of these interesting, you can even be a stage manager! No matter who you are, there will always be a place for you in our family!

Theater Directors

McArthur Moore

Lexi DiSimone


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