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Restorative Justice

Restorative practice promotes inclusiveness, relationship-building and problem-solving, through such restorative methods. Some of these methods are circles, conflict resolution and practices that bring victims, offenders and their supporters together to address wrongdoing. Restorative practices at MHS are intended to promote responsible decision makers, build community and maintain healthy relationships for all scholars and staff.

About Ms. Bates

Cerrissa Bates is a Austin native who began her educational leadership journey in 2003 in the classroom of Magnolia Mccullough Public Charter School, where she taught for three years, as a first grade teacher.  There she discovered her passion for advocating and building strong relationships with students and families of color. She went on to teach first through fourth grades and evolved as a culture builder, developed high-quality instructional practices and grew her capacity as a leader by serving as team lead, campus advisory council member, positive behavior support lead, interventionist and instructional coach.

With a strong desire to touch the lives of more teachers and students beyond her school, Ms. Bates applied to the Texas Principal Leadership Academy at the University of Texas at Austin and was accepted to both the Academy and the AISD Principal Residency programs in 2021. This great opportunity has afforded her to lead teachers, staff and students through an equity lens with PLC’s, data meetings, professional development and instructional coaching conversations. Ms. Bates aspires to continue her work as a campus leader through building relationships with students and staff as the foundation of creating a culture and climate that includes growing the whole community.

Restorative Justice Practitioner

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Cerrissa Bates